How it all started

First time in the history of Indian Laundry chapter, on 30th Sep 2018 more than one thousand dry cleaners gathered together during NCDL (National Convention for Dry Cleaners and Launderers) and need for a national level association was discussed. That is when volunteers from 25 states from India pledged to work in this direction and result is DLAI


Founding Members

Mission - “Better Together”

DLAI strives to bring everyone together for a better environment of interdependence and cooperation between all industry verticals.

Training & Skill Development

DLAI will proactively catalyze creation of quality training materials and will bring people under industry-relevant skill development programs that will help them securing a better livelihood.

Connect with International Organizations

DLAI will help all levels of businesses and individual owners to connect with International Organizations to learn, devolve ideas, resources for market growth, infrastructure, research and development and jobs.

Certification & Accreditation

DLAI will be leading the certification program from various organizations to get the universally recognized quality assurance, standardization of best industry practices, safety & quality of workforce.

GST & other legal matters

One of the primary and foremost goal of DLAI is to represent the industry in GST council to reduce the current rate of GST from 18% to 5%. DLAI will also work on a proposal for government subsidies on machineries.

Connect, network & grow that was the motto of NCDL.

It was the first of its kind event in the country addressing the real issues of the laundry & dry-cleaning industry. It brought people from across the India to a single platform.

Need is felt by one and all across India

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    “As we all know that Laundry Industry is growing and poised for an exponential growth in times to come; the need of the hour is to have a strong association like DLAI with veterans & experts of the industry together ensure better standards in terms of quality deliverables to the customer and sustainability solutions for safe secure environment”
    Srinivas Rao
    CEO, Klen Laundroworks— Bengaluru.
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    “Formation of DLAI will change the way the world looks at the Laundry Industry. DLAI will make sure each Laundry owner feels empowered & proud and that he/she is not doing a menial job”
    Ashutosh Khadria
    Proprietor, SSK White collar— Bengaluru
  • “Come let’s all join hands to build a world class platform for our Customers & Employees to reckon with and making our environment safe from all harsh adversities that we face today”
    Suresh Bhatia
    5a Sec—
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    “Formation of DLAI on national platform is a vital Initiative we all have taken, to get the due recognition this Industry deserves and help to organize this sector by developing skilled & trained workforce”
    Kaushal Agarwal
    CEO, Gaurdini— New Delhi
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    “Laundry is one of the basic necessities of human and launderers have been serving the society since ages. Absence of any formal organization leaves no choice for the service providers to find answers to their problems and is a big hindrance to evolve with evolving time. It is time of the industry to get its due credit and a connection needs to be established within the various players of the industry. It is time for people within the industry to take up responsibility to come forward and form an association that protects the rights of the members of this society and help them grow”
    Rachit Ahuja
    CEO, Quick Dry Cleaning Software— New Delhi
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    “If we are dedicating our entire life to this industry then it's the time we must do something which has a constructive and everlasting impact on the industry as a whole. A single man alone can't do much so it is now important to form an association to bring about a dynamic change in the industry and contribute towards the establishment of the healthy trade association with an objective of promoting trade laws and best practices. So let's make this association the voice of the industry where every stakeholder gets an equal opportunity”
    Rahul Poddar
    Holywood Laundry— Kolkata
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    “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success ~ Henry Ford. “We have started the beginning by agglomerate to form the much due association for launderers and dry cleaners. DLAI will formulate a code of Industry standards to encourage more people to join hands and achieve its founding charter”
    Ravi Raghav
    CEO, LaundroKart— Bengaluru

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