President’s Message – DLAI – Dry Cleaners and Launderers Association of India

President’s Message

Dear Fellow Members,

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all some insights of our very first year of existense as DLAI association.  Lot’s of efforts put in by many founding Members, fellow dry cleaners and offcourse some supportive suppliers have made us reach hear today  as an own  DLAI association today.

I personally, take this opportunity to thank each one of you who has worked towards the making of  DLAI and to supporting it to this stage. Today, when we celebrate our 1st Annual onvention with close to around 1000 members ( both direct and through affiliate associations ) it makes me Proud of our faternity and fellow members, as finally there’s a platform  through which we can Voice our concerns collectively to concerned Govt authorities and agencies.

During the year lots of efforts have been put by many of our members in holding local membership drives in Bangalore, New Delhi, Punjab, telangana, Mumbai, Pune and so on and we’ve come across various small and medium players who have welcomed the initiative and supported by becoming members of DLAI or it’s affliicates.  Some events in New Delhi, karnal and Mumbai were a big hit and well received.  DLAI has also been succesful in tieing up with Internationally recognised body “ CINET”  to suppport initiatives such as  build training, certification  and accredition programmes for our Industry in India. Simulataneosly, recognissing the talents, best practises of existing Dry Cleaners wih the country.

Our DLAI team also participated in CLA ( China Laundry association ) held in Sept at Shanghai and had the opportunity to hurl our Indian flag for the first time in history at any   “ World Laundry forum”  away from India.  Our primary motto and aim is   “ DLAI  stands for Support and strength for each and every fellow member in this Industry for their well being and for upliftment of their standards of Operations.

I request one and all to come forward and support DLAI cause whole heartedly and make sure our children look up with Pride and Join/support our businesses rather than look for alternate sources for their living in days to come.

Suresh Bhatia