Founding Charter – DLAI – Dry Cleaners and Launderers Association of India

Founding Charter

Mission - “Better Together”

DLAI strives to bring everyone together for a better environment of interdependence and cooperation between all industry verticals.

Training & Skill Development

DLAI will proactively catalyze creation of quality training materials and will bring people under industry-relevant skill development programs that will help them securing a better livelihood.

Certification & Accreditation

DLAI will be leading the certification program from various organizations to get the universally recognized quality assurance, standardization of best industry practices, safety & quality of workforce.

Connect with International Organizations

DLAI will help all levels of businesses and individual owners to connect with International Organizations to learn, devolve ideas, resources for market growth, infrastructure, research and development and jobs.

GST & other legal matters

One of the primary and foremost goal of DLAI is to represent the industry in GST council to reduce the current rate of GST from 18% to 5%. DLAI will also work on a proposal for government subsidies on machineries.